A chain dream store but then a hospital and blood

Date: 4/30/2019

By devil_squirrel_paralysis

I was in this store that ive had dreams about but this time i was with a group of kids i have no idea what they looked like but they were showing me their drawings and they had good ass detail and im like damn im impressed and then i showed them one of mine that i havent finished but it isnt one that i actually ever drew. We were at a table and it thrned into a hospital bed and i was on it and i had a needle in my arm but i didnt really realize that yet but they were like planning on surgery in this damn store that turned into a hospital room. I could hear the kids were still there talking and my mom was sitting there and the doctor like grabs my leg and shakes me or something and i realized theres another needle in the boniest part of my leg not even the thiegh just the leg but its for taking blood and i saw the red tube at the same time my head is in a horrible position but that happened because i thought of my bed being a mess. The doctor takes the needle in my arm and rips it out as if it was a bandaid and it was just a bloodly spot on my arm not just a hole that doctor was damn stupid or something but its like thats what they were supposed to do they didnt even remove the tape first. Then i have this bag with like flour and pills that looked like Percocets but bigger and i had to drink it for the surgery so i get a big medicine bottle and pour the flour and pills in it and i guess a liquid was in it but it didnt dissolve it was flour and fuckin pills and im just standing up like noone could help me and then i was woken up. I dream about 2 grocery stores that arent real but specifically look like wies and walmart but one also has a library section of the store that has figures and some stupid shit