In which I am fired from my indentured model/superhero job and hair dye turns me into a man.

Date: 1/26/2017

By Fitful

Two dreams. The first. I was an indentured servant of sorts, a model. In exchange I did have a cosey life. I got unlimited subscription to a club, it was something online, like Internet service but better. This was sponsored because I now worked for that company. We traveled everywhere with other girls who were also indentured and did runway shows. I wore a lot of colorful clothes. The modeling is just a front however. I come into the dream just after I had a major blow up on stage, I literally threw a fit, about this they treated us, and their company being a big lie and corrupt within and a front for a superhero/government franchise. I was dragged off stage and we left that job in a hurry and were now in the parking lot of a random apartment building in a random town in the middle of nowhere. I was fired for what I did, they canceled my subscription, and now they said there just wasn't enough room for me in the car anymore. Usually we had several cars which all sorted all of us, but the other cars had already left. Now this one was legitimately full, but still they were being deliberately cruel as well. I was having a hard time paying attention to being fired however, there was a girl in the window of the apartment building. She was gorgeous, black skin, hair in an a line Bob with yellow on the ends, and she was a touch familiar. Like I knew her, and I was also drawn to her, in a serious attraction sorta way. She was equally attracted to me. I called her Darcy? As if asking if this was her name. She said it wasn't, I could have sworn I recognized her. But in the end it didn't matter, we fell in love instantly, or at least in like instantly, and in my head and hers we played out a future. She would invite me to stay since I had just gotten fired and been left without a home or job. Since her house was really full I would have to sleep in her bed, and we'd cuddle close, end up having sex and falling in love and when her dad found out he'd be surprised and a little confused but happy since she wasn't with a boy. She sorta of narrated this possible future for us. I don't know if she did it aloud or in our heads but it was like I could see and experience it happening. Then the car left and I worried I wouldn't get my things the majority of my belongings were with the bulk of the company's trailers. This company was an on the move thing. The girl, not Darcy offered to drive me and follow them to where my stuff was. I don't know if I accepted that offer or just got in the car despite not being invited but we left and then it was a lot of driving through ice and snow. Something happened, someone was flying and crashed down into a field we were passing. A superhero. I was out of the car fast, it was a person important to me. It may have been another version of me, or a daughter. She was dying. The people in the car blamed me for turning my back on the organization. I apologized for going rogue and she turned into a man, a different superhero. It was part of the dying thing, who she had been was gone, now new body and personality and powers. It was how they continued their working population. Remember I did say indentured, it's like a glorified really pretty slavery situation. And it's goes beyond death. He woke up and wasn't mad at me, in fact he was happy to see me. When he left with the people in the car he advocated for me. I fought an ice monster later with him, (like a year later) and worked to change the world on my own. I even helped to change that organization. That became my life long mission. Nobody deserved slavery of any sort. The second. I was in this really cosey apartment which was on one of the of higher floors. I know because the layout of the city seemed tiny. It was white/grey outside like snow. It was Christmas morning and I was unwrapping gifts. I was really happy, the apartment and the fact it was Christmas and well I was just happy being myself. I unwrapped clothes given to me my my parents. They were very nice people in this dream sweet and caring like the Weasleys only better because either was an only child. But the clothes I got were for a boy/well man cause I am an adult. They were very gender oriented. Especially the sweater. It was gorgeous. Long knitted sleeves and masculine design. I put it on and it sagged on my petite female body. Laughing I put it and the other clothes away, figuring I would do whatever I could with them later. I went to take a shower and dye my hair. I was dying it black and the dye wouldn't take. I dyed it once, and it came out maroon. I dyed it again and it came out darker maroon but it all started falling off in the shower. Then suddenly I became a man, like literally a man, with the flat chest and everything. (actually I don't know if I had a dick, I oddly didn't check) but I had now short short hair, which wasn't black it was maroon, and a man's body. Even a face that needed a good shave immediately. I was floored. I got out of the shower and put on the sweater and it fit perfectly. I concluded it was the sweater which turned me into a man. I decided to be a bit excited and happy about being a man even tho I was a bit worried. I mean I didn't change my sexuality at all, I still like girls and could sill fuck them. I was more upset about my hair than anything.