He hooked me from the start 🔪❣️

Date: 7/26/2017

By 8queen8

It all started with me being in school I was going through the lunch line with my friends everything seemed normal at first. When I got out of the line I was greeted by this blonde boy who was two feet taller than me and he had a really nice smile, given that this was a dream I had no clue who he was supposed to be, but then he gave me a hug and I knew he was my boyfriend. He seemed sweet he walked me to my table and he made sure I was good, honestly I thought he had no flaws until.... Hey said Lucas from behind me, I smiled and said hey back, I looked at my boyfriend for a second (his name was Devin) and called his name, he kinda looked horrified that I was talking to another boy. Next thing you know he charges at Lucas and they start fighting, I soon start to see blood poor down from Lucas's face, I screamed Devin but he didn't stop until Lucas was on the ground and was rushed to the hospital. He looked right into my eyes and smiled at me like nothing happened, he wasn't even asked to leave school, I stood there in shock as he approached me and when he was within arm length distance I snapped out of it. Devin wanted to hug me but I quickly ran to the back of the room to where I hear beautiful piano playing, I looked at who was playing and it was my friend Jose he was really talented, I just remembered that he was a senior so I knew there wasn't gonna be much moments like this where I would see him so I went up to him and gave him a lonnnngggg hug, then he gave me a kiss on the cheek which I knew was a mistake once I felt a cold dead stare hit the back of my neck. It was Devin. As I walked away slowly I told Jose to run before my boyfriend comes, but he didn't budge so I stayed there, this time Devin wasn't alone he had a whole group with him, Devin grabbed Jose by the neck and they put something down his throat Devin's friends blocked me but I could see Jose hesitating to breath. When Devin's friends let me go Jose was gone and in his place they placed a bunny, they placed a cylinder with two open sides around it and threw a snake down in the cylinder to consume the bunny, Devin did nothing but laugh and I knew in that moment that I had to get rid of him, everywhere I went another boy was harmed because of me, finally someone caught Devin in a horrendous act and they chopped both of his hands, he was rushed to the emergency room and came back with two hooks as hands. He came running to me and gave me a hug I was more scared of him now than before this time he can instantly kill anyone. He saw the fear in my eyes and he decide to joke around, he threw his hands around as if he wanted to harm someone, he scratched on the walls he even lunged at me to give me a fright, he said he would never hurt me, but I didn't trust him so I decide it was time for me to wake up, but for some reason Devin got really upset, it's like he knew I wanted to wake up he grabbed me and I woke up at least I thought I did. It turns out it was time for me to get ready for school which seemed strange considering it was summer at this moment I realized I wasn't awake yet, but I went out the door and went to school which was completely empty except for me and someone else I had a feeling I wasn't alone, I began to feel uneasy and at that moment a cold shiver ran down my spine I knew I was still having the dream about Devin I ran without question to the point where I was near some house, I knew he was following me so I tried to run to a house that had people in there so I could call the police. Finally I found a house but so did Devin. I quickly ran in and I saw a man laying on the floor bleeding to death I grabbed their phone, but every time I tried dialing 911 it came out as something else, tears were filling my eyes, everything felt so realistic. Finally I managed to dial 911, they asked me for my location but I knew Devin was going to take me to a new one, so I told the to track the phone but then I heard some footsteps behind me and felt a cold dead stare I knew that feeling way to well it was Devin, the second I turned around I woke up to a huge rain storm outside at 4:00am in the morning.