Looping nightmare

Date: 4/2/2017

By cpillot

I can't sleep. I've woken up tonight at least 6 times. Different nightmares most of the time. The past 2 times though I'm laying down in my bed in the dark trying to sleep. There's something in the room. I can't see it but I know it's there. Something touches me. It feels like a current through my body. Then I'm downstairs in my kitchen in the dark. I'm terrified. I look up to my room and see a tall figure. I'm terrified. I woke up sweating but cold. I went back to sleep. Again I'm laying in my head. This time I see the figure in my room. I'm so scared I don't move. I hear my mother downstairs. I yell for help but she doesn't hear me. I keep yelling but the figure touches me , I feel the current and now I'm on the floor on my staircase. I see light coming from the office room. I walk in and see my mother. I'm relieved. I ask her if she saw anything. She says she saw nothing. I feel a presence in the room. I swat my arms around trying to hit it but to no avail. Again I feel the current turns dark then my mom and I are in the kitchen. My family is there now. I asked my mom what just happened. She didn't notice. I begin to play with 2 new dogs we just got. I turn around and see a tall white figure with large gaping black eyes. I scream. It notices. He rushes towards me and I feel the current rushing through my body but stronger than before. I'm paralyzed. I wake up drenched and terrified. I don't want to move. I hate this.