My leap of faith

Date: 1/25/2019

By nexus

In the middle of the night i astral project and fly out into space there was this energy around me it enveloped me and i woke up in the physical. Later on I regain consciousness I fly to new york and some old friends of mine were there but they were being bothered by some tyrant figure forcing us to stay in this specific building. I sneak into a room where nobody can see me and I try to phase through the wall but I couldn't it was as hard as a normal brick wall, I then relax and force myself through it with pure willpower. This is the most control ive had on the astral body, I see that my friends are still trapped and they're being frightened by these guards and so I comeback and the person keeping us in the building knew how powerful I was and thought if I was on his side there would be no stopping him. He tells me that since I was so in control of powers he'll let me fly around and stuff if I keep the others In check, I deceived him and when he went out of the building I went through every room to get my friends out by going through the wall and holding them at the same time, now there's about 4 or 5 of us and I tell them to run since this guy is pretty strong, he is just outside the building and I am clinging onto the side of the building while I climbed to him to distract him he sees us and starts chasing after us, I start zipping through building to building and ended up at this huge woodland park, I get the percept that he caught one of my friends and I was upset so I started flying as fast as I could and when he got right up under my tail I stopped in a split second, turned around and punched him so hard it closelined him since he was still flying at high speeds and that's all it took to knock him out. There were more times throughout the night that I was conscious I remember speaking to multiple friends at a park a sort of area where we had to wait to get to the city. I remember jumping up but i couldn't hover for to long but then I controlled it through will power, I was climbing on the side of buildings and running on them no problem, The flying was soo fun.