Weird wedding to pool to boat cruise to having my phone lost and then finding out it was a prank.

Date: 9/6/2019

By Ether_Erebus

Went to someone’s wedding. Kiran and Samar are there. Start taking pictures, bathroom is huge at the place where we are. Somehow that place turns into a boat cruise kine of thing. I see a upper level dock with a piano, so I want to go play it. I go up the stairs and find the piano but also this huge pool. I don’t know how to swim so I don’t. I continue on in the dream and somehow I’m swearing different clothes and Samar is swimming in the pool. The pool’s top part moves. There are large stairs that lead to it. And at the top there is a twisting kind of thing that covers half of the pool on one end and opens the other half. Somehow the half that’s closed, is locked and becomes a lecture hall-like theatre. I get Samar out of the pool and into a seat and then I’m going down the large stares when I start passing by many people in a soccer team. They’re all players and on the team. I walk all the way down and then realize that I left my phone somewhere, and I somehow get a message from Samar saying she knows where it is. Then I walk back up, also holding a pair of shorts that belonged to the black guy sitting beside Samar when she first got out of the pool. I go up and somehow the whole place has turned into a lecture on maps and retouching them when they’re printed wrong with paint. Samar’s taking it, I look around for her but don’t find her. I walk back down the large staircase and walk out the long sodden doors. Beside me I see a huge pool full of clean water. It makes me queasy since I can’t swim. I go back into the room and it’s turned into some type of high-class event where people are wearing beautiful clothes. I see a lady with a mike who’s one of the entertainment pieces, she’s got a jar full of stuff with a little mermaid statue in the middle. As she’s trying to get it out, she knocks over a bunch of other stuff but keeps going. She shows how the mermaid sits with prince Eric in some plastic carriage. She throws it out and asks me why I’m sitting at the steps of the stairs. I say I’m waiting for someone and she turns and leaves half way through my sentence. I walk up the stairs, again, and there’s some sort of draft meeting happening for the NBA or NFL. Jahmari is there too, idek what we speak about but it has to do with my phone. Something happens in between which I don’t remember. All I see is that someone got my phone and sold it already and Ze’s friend is the one who bought it. And Zé is the one who tells me. I start to begging to get upset that my phone is gone and I was careless. In the end, idk how, but it turns out that my manager helped the random black guy steal my phone. She wiped all of my information off the phone and then helped the guy sell it. I told her straight to her face that, “I don’t think I can work with you anymore.” When she brought out the black guy who helped her, I go off. I start hitting and punching. And I tell him, “I genuinely hope you have an awful day. I’ve never said that to anyone but I hope it to you.” And I’m so frustrated at this point I sit down on one of the couches and o hear someone say, “hey, Simran. How would you feel if I said we have your phone?” And as I’m covering my eyes and resting my head in my hands, I say, “please don’t talk to me right now. I just- please don’t say anything.” And it turns out that this was all a prank and that they had my phone this whole time. I start to feel myself cry in the dream and wake up to me crying in real life.