Arguments to my favor.

Date: 8/22/2019

By Fitful

I am dating a dude for a while, committed, and a lot of stuff is happening supernaturally in our world. The earth keeps shaking, snakes the size of continents keep coming up, a huge giant golem creature is trying to come up out of the earth. And if I touch this guy's brother it happens again, the golem comes up and out and shakes the ground, so we can't touch ever. One day I am in a tower meditating and he is elsewhere also somehow in the same state. We end up touching long winding Astral hands which find each other in the earth on purpose, without our direct guidance. This causes the golem to errupt and tear apart the world a bit. Someone manages to kill him, smash him up, but he's a golem and he won't be down long. We decide to. Merge the brother with the golem. I speak to him very gently as we lie him in the golem carcass, it's wood burn and shell like in the vague form of a man. Snakes come out very gently, they like him, and they are covered in tattoos, tattoos specific to his memories, memories of us. He falls asleep and we sacrifice a dog, a zombie dog, to seal them together in a ritual. I am horrified by the sacrifice of the dog but an old man feeds the dog olive oils and it brings the dog back. I am so happy. I vow to feed my dog olive oil daily to make sure she is healthy. ~ I'm staying with my grandparents in their fancy large cabin in the woods. I drive up there or someone drives me. It's a big todo and I don't really want to go, but I am emotionally wounded and I need a retreat. Grandma is a mixture of Nana and Grandma, both their personalities and I find it hard to know if I like her or hate her because of it. She is a bit cold and distant but also her brisk busy self. It's odd. I sleep in the living room on the couch, I'm going through a lot of stuff, I have a hard time sleeping. Grandpa knows I'm finally falling asleep, way late into the night, when I move the back strip of my night shirt to cover the front of my neck. It has to be completely covered in thin black fabric or I can't sleep. A lot more happened in this dream but I can't remember. ~ I am in a fancy department store, like a larger Macy's but with more home improvement stuff, with my mother. We'd been there a while, arguing with someone who was trying to blame us for something, saying we'd purchased it but we hadn't, they had been trying to push it on us. We'd been in that one spot so long damage had been done ot the structure of the floor, and I sense it about to break a few seconds before the floor buckled. I grabbed my mom, left her purse, and I did so just in time. Her purse was yellow and fell through. If I had grabbed it first and left her for second she would have been gone. I put her on a bed nearby and apologized for losing her purse. It had all her stuff in it, credit cards and makeup and the like, and I thought she'd be upset. Instead she melted into a girl half her age, a girl in her early twenties and looked very shy and shaken. I spontaneously gave her a hug, it was awkward though. Actually she looked a bit like Jess. ~ I'm still in the department store and a girl with a name that begins with a like sherry or Shelly is the subject of conversation. She had cheated on someone, was two timing two guys, and cause a lot of harm. This girl defending her didn't hear the right story and came up to me defending her forcefully, saying it was an accidental kiss. I corrected her with the real story and she backed down, very quiet. ~ I'm shopping for toilet chandeliers, the department store had a huge selection of beautiful art lamps for the toilet, which it turns out is an underground cavern toilet which has been recreated to suit modern use but still look like a dream vacation spot when you go. It's probably very expensive to put in one's home bu ti just want to look at the lamps. Eveyrtome I do I'm pushed aside by the other customers and I keep going back and trying. ~ I'm trying to see a display in the store and customers and bunched up in my way. We all get tangled together and some dude's hand is trying to touch me inappropriately. I am grateful I have large pads on in case my period begins. I collect several large ones and put them in my purse for future use. It was a good decision. Even though i just had my period and didn't really need them. ~ I'm often in the window of a house or home naked. I keep trying to remember not to be naked, and have my breasts out, in front of the window. I hide down beneath the window sill but feel it's almost safe to do in the woods, in my grandparents cabin. No one is likely to be out there. I'm still too shy, I hate how my breasts look anyway.