My dad's questionable grocery choices

Date: 8/1/2017

By MsBananaNanner

My family went to target and I wandered around the aisles for a while. There was an aisle of young girls shoes, boots mostly, and there was a size twelve ugg boot on display that was like as big as my entire body. I found that very strange, wondering what middle school girl had feet that big. I found some avengers dog costumes and was disappointed because I knew my dog would never let me put one on her and I wanted her to be captain America. Then I looked through the holiday decorations for a while, everything was sparkly--from Halloween to Christmas. It smelled like a craft store in there. My mom comes back to tell me they're ready to check out. My dad has the collected groceries and the cashier starts punching things in. Her scanner isn't working or something so she resorts to typing stuff in and we don't take it out of the cart. My dad has picked out four gallons of milk (I hate milk) some veggies, one slice of bacon--only one-- and two boxes of Mac and cheese. When she rings up the macaroni he gets mad, sure that she's given him he wrong price. He dumps out the contents into a bowl and says "see, that's definitely 2 ounces, not 3. She's overcharging me". I tell him to just let it go, it's only 15 cents. Besides, this woman is already judging us enough as it is for our one tiny strip of bacon in a ziplock bag!