Reoccurring nightmare

Date: 6/13/2017

By Lainee607

It starts off with I'm at myrtle beach, and like usual I'm at the same spot (3rd time) and I go up to the lobby dude. He tells me you have a love letter from some guy, but I accidentally gave it to someone who likes just like you. So I go out on a search to find this chick, I finally find her on the sandy beach. And she told me that she's not giving me the letter because I don't deserve it, I punched her in the nose and she gave it to me. I skimmed the letter, and found out this guy wants to meet me at a wedding, so I find this spot he tells me to go. I secretly look around the corner wondering who it is. He sneaks up on me, and taps my shoulder. He greets me and then tells me he has been in love with me since the day he met me, I couldn't tell who it is. The dream is in a dark black and white more like grey. I go out with him to this wedding watch his sister get married, then there's another wedding which for some reason we're staying for but the preacher keeps making me angry so I run away crying. And the guy follows me and holds me against the wall until I tell him what's wrong and then we kiss and after that we go into the room next to us... his "friends" turn into fish and the shark walks up to me asking me for "favors" for money. And I wake up.