Can't escape work

Date: 8/17/2017

By katie1342r

--little bit of context here-- I work a 4am - 1pm shift. I wake up at 3am and am on my way to work by 3:30am. My job has a 'no show, no call, no job' policy. We also have a points system that resets every 6 months where you are allowed 3 sick days or you can be late 6 times. ( full day missed = 1 point/ late = half a point) I have sadly exhausted all my points from being sick a couple months ago, I cannot miss work or be late. ------------ I keep dreaming that I wake up late for work. And by late I mean 7, 8, even 9am late. I start to panic and rush to work. (I have yet for them to tel me I'm fired) I have this dream almost every night lately. Sometimes more than once, back to back. It's borderline nightmare as it induces so much panic and anxiety that I wake up sweating. --Does anyone have any idea what this means?? Is it literal or am I missing something??--