late night cabin schemes (5/28/19)

Date: 5/29/2019

By jadaking

dylans cabin was full of shit, alvaro dylan and i were just chillin there when all of a sudden it got robbed, these two boys came in and started taking random items somehow chan & maddy got involved and was on night watch for the cabin we were all playing this game, like a treasure hunt game & we needed a old peg from a bike so we had to go to the cabin at night to steal one, chan and maddy saw people out there so they called the cops, i remember running so fast and climbing the biggest tree to hide after we went back into the cabin and sneaked threw the window downstairs, we came up and we saw maddy and chan crying because the cabin was full of gang symbols, they couldn’t speak because they were in shock, i remember chan freaking out too cuz she couldn’t write dede was sitting in the corner in a ball drawing and rocking back and forth after dylan,alvaro and i were sitting outside on the patio at the cabin in pitch black and this stranger comes up and takes my phone, alvaro chases after him because my legs didn’t work and eventually he stabs the guy