the meaning of everything

Date: 3/11/2017

By DKviking

got picked out with a group of random people to be shown what makes our reality - we were shown how to be able to see the reality we live in differently by disconneting ourself from reality and current time and thereby being able to see clearly without any sort of restrictions (hard to explain) after being able to see the world fully, these energy guides showed me other people sitting in small white rooms scattered across something i could only describe as a giant spaceship with interconnecting parts. You could visit the other parts of the spaceship, only by dying where you afterwards was transported by an elevatorish trip, companied by the spirit guide. the people still not disconneted were keeping themself alive/entertained by tubes going into their head - the guide whispered unfathomable truths and secrets which i cant even express in the english languge. This whisper, however, made me understand the whole meaning of everything, and pulled me back so i could observe how life functions behind the mysterious and theatrical curtains.