I died

Date: 3/3/2017

By chloeadarayan

I was in an FX one morning and I was alone at the back. I don't have company the whole ride and the driver kept looking at me from the rear view mirror with creepy, black/ yellow eyes. I went down in a church. The driver stopped his vehicle to talk to a cardinal. They were friends. He like, went down and talk but only for a short while. Then, he left and the cardinal went in church. That's when I realized I left my bag insise the FX. I dont have driver information so I have to ask the cardinal since they know each other but he's in mass. I asked church vendors about the name of the cardinal but they all look gothic, creepy and have the same black/ yellow eyes as the driver's. And when mass was almost over, 4 policemen dragged me down the church basement. They were like, "ikaw ba yung sinasabi na --------" (Eng: Are you the one they're saying that --------") I didn't understand the last word. And I was just like, "Ano po?" (Eng: What?") but I was really scared. Then one policeman shoot me from under my chin. And I woke up.