Hell's Asylum

Date: 6/17/2019

By TenebrisVigel

A story of a dream, that comes to an End. The sequence started with me lost and confused inside what looked like an old Victorian Era Asylum, the walls were cream painted yet old in texture, I vaguely remember wondering around and finding myself lost, that was until a little girl barely over the age of 11 found me and offered to guide me out of the old building, she was sweet and innocent and apon waking up I couldn't think of anyone real that she could have been to manifest in my dream, I didn't know who she was basically. Anyway after we traveled down the long and eerily echoing halls of this still and quite yet haunting place she suddenly screamed "The devil is coming!, the devil is coming", I turned around to see a large hairy beast standing on its hind legs, resembling that of a werewolf but more from the latest wolfman movie staring benecio daltoro it was more of a huge hairy human with fangs and claws as viscous as an animal, with out hesitation it lunged towards me, I swiftly evaded thinking I dodged the creature, when in fact it had ran straight passed me and straight for the little girl, I ran back to her and grabbed her in my arms, what felt like hours went by rushing around the old Asylum, coming to dead ends and locked doors while we still ran, hid and avoided the so called "devil" that resided in this place we were trapped in. But eventually the creature pinned us in a room, we locked and barricaded the door while we thought of a way to escape, and alas a small window was open that wasn't barred we could finally be free as the little girl pointed out the window and I went to climb out, a lady's voice rung out in the corner of the room, she was the only other person I had seen in this place besides the beast, and the girl, she calmly yet sternly asked me: "are you sure you want to leave with her?" A brief conversation arose that I can't remember too well as this dream happened months ago, but in the end I decided yes I do want to leave with her, once we were both out the window everything changed, the Asylum crumbled into dust the world around me rose up in flames, nothing but destroyed buildings and old remnants of what was completely engulfed in fire, and the little girls hand I was holding suddenly was holding me, underneath my feet, she had changed into a giant fiery demon the size of a building she picked me up and I saw the world around me from 100s of feet high, just fire and dust covered by a black sky, the little girl was the devil in the end, and then she ate me. And I woke up.