Wolf Beach

Date: 4/9/2017

By ksaspo

Alright last night I had a few: Firstly I was at dad's place and he and Denisse had friends over. (Anna and someone else that I didn't recognize?) I walked into the kitchen and they were making a TON of food so I was like "oh hey I'm just gonna grab two pierogis and I'm out of here" and the friend I didn't know made a face and dad was like "no" and he was a real dick about it. So I went into the "office" which was the office of our old house and eventually he came over with a plate of pierogis, mashed potatoes and a roll?? And he gave it to me but I was not about it. He was wearing a bathing suit and pullover that were both like, these 80s looking sporty shit in bright colors. They were mainly blue with bright pink, neon green and white on them. I said "nice outfit" (but I actually meant it for some strange reason) and he scoffed but then was like "oh wait are you actually being nice for once?" Which then made me think maybe I make fun of him a little too much. Next I was walking out of a store or something in a beach town of some sort. There was a mom and daughter behind me about my age and I could tell that the daughter was talking about me to her mother. Next I was on the beach and we were all running around. It was fairly crowded and the beach was thin. I was recording the water on my phone, because a whale kept swimming over to shore. Eventually it would swim right up onto the beach. Another one joined it and everyone was just laughing and would push it back into the water. When they'd get too far up on the land they could push themselves around a bit. I touched ones head and I could feel it, I was almost lucid. The strangest bit was that there was a wolf tied up to guard the beach? It would go after the whales if they got too close. I stayed away because I was confused as if the wolf was safe or not. I went back to the house and on the way I called one of the girls whose applying to be an intern for me at the opera I'm designing later this year. I talked to her for a while before she mentioned that she didn't want to do it. She mentioned that they had offered her the designer position and she turned it down. I told her I knew she was lying yet I kept talking to her.