Movie Theater Russian Roulette 🔫

Date: 8/14/2017

By Highlighter111

I was at a high school that was mine in the dream but I've never seen this place irl, but in the dream, I attended there. Anyways, I was talking with this popular girl I've never meet before, and she was trying to get me to go see the midnight showing over Zootopia (my favorite movie at the time) and I told her, " I'll have to ask my mom, but I'm sure I'll be there." She smiled and left and I walked to class. But instead of going to my next class, I ran outside? And the outside looked like the outside area at my church, not a school. Then this guy with dark, shaggy bangs comes over, and he was standing in a parking space facing me, well I was on the side walk. He was waving a gun in his hand and making small talk. Then he said something along the lines of, " Enough messen' around, you, me, and a classic game of Roulette." He spun the barrel of the gun, and made intense eye contact with me. So I, think a sane person, ran back into the school, but he was chasing me so I dove into a tech class and tried to hide in a cabinet. BUT THE TEACHER GOT SOOOOOO MAD AT ME! She was all like, " You're disrupting the class, just let him kill you somewhere else." The suddenly, I'm in my mom's room talking to her about seeing the movie, and she said, " well it's a school night, you probably shouldn't." And then I said, " yeah, you're right" and that was the dream.