Norwegian airline attack

Date: 8/15/2019

By pretzeling

I was in a plane. The plane was passing over the most beautiful countryside I had ever seen, and I was trying to figure out where we were. It was breathtaking—really tall trees, mountains, gravity defying springs of water. As we flew past a museum I could see the font was something Nordic. It was the most beautiful museum ever, a huge smooth stone building with amazing architecture and windows. The plane then flew INTO the museum, moving slowly and making hairpin turns past the art, eventually crashing out a window and back into the sky. Somehow I ended up getting jabbed in my arm vein with a sedative by a nurse on the plane. I woke up in a room and the nurse was standing there again. She told me the plane had crashed and all the passengers had died but me, and the pilot was going to take me in for the time being. Somehow I knew this was a lie and they were really kidnapping me so the pilot could have a daughter. She injected me again. I woke up and my arm still hurt in that place.