White man, bald, around 30, bottom centre lip piercing, tattoo on side of his face

Date: 8/2/2017

By parisleech13

So me, my mum, dad and marnie were in b&q and we were just waking around. Then all of a sudden a few whistles were coming from behind me and I saw just a bunch of boys from our school so I started laughing and then we carried on walking around. Then we were down an isle and my sister was infront. I was behind her and then my mum and dad was behind us. Then this white bold man around 30 with a tattoo on the side of his face and his bottom lip pierced in the centre came up behind her and started pushing himself forward into her and then she didn't pay any attention and when we turned the corner he grabbed her arm and tried to take off. So I started to scream really loudly saying no. I ran up to her and then grabbed her off him and ran back to my parents where they called the police and then leo and his girlfriend were there comforting me and my family and I was still crying in my dream so I woke up in real life crying