Mi elotito 🌽

Date: 8/7/2017

By wildflower97

It started out that I was back home in Iowa in my dream I was trying to nap while my aunt and her family were over I overheard my mom talking about how my uncle had passed away and I instantly woke up in my dream and looked at my aunt who was sitting on my bed she looked so sad and I couldn't believe that my aunt was without her husband and my cousins without their dad anyways I woke and then fell back asleep again the setting was my old house In Iowa i walked into the room that used To be my moms and saw my aunt there she told Me to take my grandma for a walk my grandma passed away last September ok so irl my grandma couldn't walk without a walker so irl when she would visit us my mom while I was at school would take her outside and help her walk ok so back to the dream when I go out into the living room there she is on the couch I go to hug her i say como estas abuela which means how are you grandma meanwhile wanting to break down and cry and this is what she says to me bien mi elotito which means good my little corn which is something she had never said to me 😂 I sit at the end of the couch and put her shoes on while I ask grandma do you want socks as I look up I see that she's fallen asleep so I then go outside where I see my brother and mom in the yard playing kick ball where I then join and I see that my brother drops a $20 bill so I rush to pick it up and open it to find it fake and that's all I remember before i woke up .