Jewel Box

Date: 5/22/2017

By carelvant

Morning of 11 Dec. 2016. Around 06:00 Dreamt we were given a wooden jewel chest with many drawers to take care of by an old woman when she died. We did not have a key to open the drawers. I'm not 100% sure, but I had the impression that we were allowed to open it when we found the key. Then one day we did. A gold coloured key that looked almost like a wardrobe key. I started opening the drawers one by one. First few drawers I found a lot of jewelry like broaches of silver and gold. Good quality and craftsmanship. Then I found A huge diamond. Minted but uncut. About 4cm long by 1.5 wide and high. For some reason I heard her say: "That you can keep". Then I found several pieces of gold. Casted in a very strange casting. Each piece about 3cm by 3cm but some heaver (thicker) than others. It was cast in such a way that it was hollowed out and filled with wax. There were also a part where you can put something like a belt through. Ibremember having the thoughtvthat it formed part of a divers weight belt. Also temembed saying or someone saying: " With that on his belt, hecwill definitely sink" I remember that they weighed 2kg in total. The diamond was 800ct plus. I started thinking about plans on how to sell the jewels. Especially the gold an diamond. Felt very dishonest. Then woke up.