BTS going to school with me?

Date: 1/27/2019

By AngiePangie

I had a dream that BTS went to school with me, It was a sports day and I was sitting with my old friend, Crystal. When all of a sudden I see BTS in the field. I start to fan girl on the inside because I don't want my friends to know I like K-Pop. When jin comes up to the pavilions where I was sitting and I scream "HEY! WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!" He laughs and says, "Yes, yes I know." And we climb off the pavilions. We were talking and then he leans in for a kiss, but I awkwardly pushed him away. (I was very upset with myself for doing this when I woke up) After that I went to the passages and there I saw J-Hope. I said "OH MY GOD, J-HOPE!!! I LOVE YOU!" I asked him for a hug, but he said no and that he needs to finf Yoongi. I said okay, because I ship Sope ;) Next I met Jungkook and we hugged. Before I could meet the other members my mom decided to cough during the night and I woke up. ;C