Big waves and big guilt

Date: 2/22/2019

By emte

I was at a beach that had a house dangerously close to the ocean. There was like a stormfront or something because the waves were massive, and threatening the house. A piece of driftwood was in the surf, and it slammed into me and really hurt. A wave later, it slammed into the house window and broke it. A 60ish couple came out and saw the damage and started screaming at me and saying it was my fault. I was still reeling in pain at this point. I feel like being hurt badly and having someone scream at me for something I didn't do made me really angry, because I just starting yelling insults at them. I insulted their house and called them idiots and said they were old bitches who were gonna die soon. This is where I feel guilty, bc I saw they had a memorial to their son on their porch, and I started horribly insulting their dead son. I only got a couple insults in, when they clammed up. The dad went stiff and went back inside. I was pretty sure he was trying to find his gun to shoot me, but I didn't care, I just kept insulting. I was saying the son was probably a loser and died from heroin and the world was better off without him. I feel pretty guilty about that, bc the mom just silently pulled up a video on her phone. Her son was playing basketball with some friends. It was a very wholesome video. He tripped and hit his head on a railing, and a golf ball sized chunk of his skull was ripped out. He fell into a half sitting half lying down position and you could see his brain. Copious amounts of blood was running and spurting down his face, and he looked really sad. He just kept mumbling that he was scared, then he just went limp and died, with a miserable look stuck to his face and tears were running down his face. The mom still didn't say anything after that video. I was silent too. I was kinda just ready for the dad to come out and shoot me, I was fine with it at this point bc I felt guilty and sad about the whole scenario