dads and rpgs

Date: 3/24/2017

By tyrz

my dad was trying to leave something behind. his old life. except he wanted to keep me and pierce. he threw the router down into the storm drain outside his parents' house and did the same with the laptop charger. i thought there was something bad on his computer. later i was with philia we were going to play dungeons & dragons except we had a new group together. this guy's brother was there. i didnt like him at first he was chubby and not as cute as his brother (brandon but it wasnt actually brandon) except something made me see him differently. i was very attracted to him. he didnt want to play d&d at first but once we started talking he wanted to. i wish i knew who he was. suddenly there was a huge crowd of people inside. i didnt know there were this many people playing d&d. ashley from work was there too we played together in a group. i could play the same character but i had to select new stats and i forgot how to.