Hotel Dream #1

Date: 2/7/2017

By lijuhwill

I don't remember much of it because I woke up like fifteen minutes ago. But I do remember a few parts. The whole dream took place on the grounds of what seemed to be a large hotel. I had my own room and it was very nice but I didn't spend much time in it in the dream. I remember having enemies, and if you've seen A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, you'd recognize one of them as Count Olaf. All I remember now is looking for a small American flag on that I felt I had lent to somebody and that at some point I had to prove that I was truly able to jump 10 times (like a double jump in a video game) and that another man could not and that he was in fact an imposter. I also remember walking up a flight of stairs and when I reached the top of the first set there were no more stairs, but then somebody behind me pushed me and I leaped forward onto the front desk of the hotel which was so tall you needed stairs apparently to reach it. At the end of the dream after an bunch of other stuff I can't remember happened, I was in a car with this girl that I used to be very intimate with. I was driving and I guess I told her we had to do a drive-by on the hotel. She asked if she would have to lean over me to shoot and I said, "Give me your hand." I reached out to touch her hand and felt very happy, but then her hand was cold. I woke up holding the edge of my bed frame, which is a cold metal bar. I think touching the bar is what woke me.