Sleep Paralysis 2.0

Date: 3/6/2017

By littgeri

I had a busy morning so once I returned home, I decided to take a quick 30min nap and so I did. I was quickly transported to a very hectic dream where my mom was driving a car through extremely bumpy roads, to a point it felt almost like a roller coaster. Then we had a moment of impact during the dream and I "woke up". But... not really. I could feel and see my body on the bed. The window was open as it really was before I went to sleep, and so was the time frame - mid afternoon. But for some reason the colors, smell and sounds were slightly stronger. I tried lifting my arm and as much as I felt the arm going up the physical arm didn't respond. Then I noticed a black blob sitting near my window, and for some reason my soul or something was recognizing that as my body. So I then tried to enter and wake up in that body. But after 3 failed attempts and my energy being pulled back to the bed, things started to clear up and I noticed that the black blob was actually a pile of clothes on the shape of somebody sitting. So my attention went back to the body on the bed. This time I tried relaxing, for it almost always works considering my other sleep paralysis experiences. But nah, the moment I relaxed I felt like an energy started controlling my spiritual arm. In the air it drew the symbols of two spheres and then a line : OO + I I have no idea... But since I was already there I started paying attention to what it was saying and then... I WOKE UP FOR REAL. Everything looked the same, even the pile of black clothes on the chair.... The only differences were that the colors and sounds were less vibrant and the position of certain items where a bit off. Anywyas.... If anybody knows what OO I means, let me know! Haha