Date: 2/27/2019

By ghxstgirl

i often have prophetic dreams but this one was strange. i woke up (or so i thought) and sat up in bed to lay the other way on my big teddy bear as usual and i turned around to see this dark flash before i shielded my eyes. i opened them again to the majestic black panther. it was so big and just emitted this dark purple energy. for some reason i wasn’t scared at all and i scooted to the end of my bed and crossed my legs and folded my hands as formally as possible. i was sitting there just wondering is i was going to be able to communicate with it. i found myself sitting and staring at this beautiful animal sitting so prideful yet seemingly nervous or anxious. i shook off the swarm of questions buzzing around me and decided to speak first. before i could it payed down crossing its brawlic paws. “uhm...hello, ...excuse me for staring” it rested it’s head on the top paw. “did you not call for me?” a terrifying silence washed over me. my hair on my arm stood at end like tiny soldiers reaching toward the sky and the goosebumps rose from my skin as if terrified of what’s inside of me, so eager to pop. i could feel the slight breeze of what i recognized as spiritual presence. the realization hit me so suddenly that the ritual i had performed to summon a familiar had worked. suddenly the fear and uncomfort slipped away as if it drained out of my body. i’ve looked death in the eye i shouldn’t be afraid i thought to myself my thought to myself. “what’s your name?... tell me where did you come from, when did you get here?” i anxiously uncrossed my legs, eyes full of wonder at this beast. it finally spoke. “ you may name me if you please but you should know what name belongs. i’ve been here since you first called but i decided to observe you. are you offspring?” i looked at it with such complexity not know what it meant by offspring... i shook my head realizing this experience was way above me. “i i don’t know what you mean” she say back up to the original oh so regal pose she was in prior to our conversation. “my name is vertigo i belong to you, may our partnership last” and then i snapped back to reality realizing i was in the car with my mother and sister and it was insane.