Musical Abduction

Date: 3/5/2019

By anniakoeleman

i was at a play with my mom for a school in our area and halfway through it it ends and nobody knows why. later i get a strange phone call and i can hear all my friends in the background with a male voice but no talks to me directly but i can hear they sound scared. And i'm having a sleep over with gabby d (not accident gabby) and i get a little spooked and worried especially with how the play ended. and then my neighbor comes by and gives me chompy because she was wandering the neighborhood. and as he's leaving we see this weird bus it's all red and inside you can vaguely see all these girls and i recognized some from when i was at the play earlier that night. and it's just circling my house and around my neighborhood and i realize he's trying to take me but i quickly turn the lights in my house off and go under my bed with a knife and for some reason he leaves me alone and doesn't take me. but then my dream changes perspective and i'm one of the girls in the bus seeing what's going on. and they're all really scared and this guy is so far gone you can't even speak to him but the girls are saying "why'd you take me my parents are gonna be worried" and he's all sweaty and just doesn't care what they're saying to him. the police already have been notified that four girls had been taken from the play and the fbi had shown up but the public did not know these girls had been taken. back to creepy on the bus he drives into linglestown and goes back behind linglestown life church. now me in my dream i'm now watching the police and fbi try to figure out where he could have taken the girls. and i must've called in an anonymous tip and told them about the red bus because that was now what police on the roads were looking for. and maybe two minutes later one of the police man phones in and says he sees the red bus behind the church in linglestown and everyone rushes over there. they kept their sirens off so he wouldn't run or be frightened. when they arrived there were two girls beside a car tied up and absolutely terrified and for some reason none of the officers and agents had guns. but they were able to get this after he had already slashed two agents hands and stomach in attempt to get them away from him and finally one of them were able to get him and out of self defense they killed the kidnapper. when they found all the girls in the white storage unit he moved them to they were all okay and only two had been injured. but there was still a baby reported missing they had yet to find and i was in the body of one of the agents at the scene and i heard a baby crying to my left so i headed on to this white brick building and on the side he had covered the baby in leaves without a scratch on her. when i picked her up i saw she was laying on some things. she was laying on a plastic bag with a vape pen, an empty syringe, a little container to keep heroine, and receipt to sheetz. one of the agents headed over to me after i called out hey look at this. and one of the officers was like omg he was doing something something (i can't remember what he said) hangman from mad men. there was also some writing on the wall. and they headed inside the white brick building to find all these tactics from different serial killers it was set up like a museum and he was working his way through each one in various states killing numerous people to complete all these and working so fast no one was ever able to catch him. until now