The Borg and Justin Trudeau

Date: 4/30/2017

By SigofHermes

I am with my mother in a strange kind of waiting room. My mother talks about her love for Star Trek (in real life, my mom does love Star Trek and I really don't). I go into another room to look at things. On the TV the Borg's spaceship appears. They say something like "we are here to add your own technology to our own. Assimilate, resistance is futile". All of a sudden I am escorted to a strange room. I am in a strange sort of room, like on the inside of a museum exhibit that borders a wall. On the inside there are two walls and one glass pane making a triangular shape. On the outside of the room is what appears to be some sort of a subway. The entire dream from this point on had a beige/yellow tint to it. The prime minister of Canada is on the outside of the room in a doctors suit. He has the Borg eyepiece thing on. I hear threats of a dangerous chemical going into the room. All of a sudden gas enters the room. It is cloudy and makes me disoriented. I try claw my way out of the room but for whatever reason I stop. After the gas in the room stops I try asking Justin Trudeau politely what was going on. He said he was going to remove my brain. I then wake up. The one thing I find fascinating about this dream is that I hardly ever knew anything about Star Trek and I dreamt about something I only heard of on one YouTube video.