Tom Kidnapped Everyone

Date: 7/16/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

I was at a meeting to do with collage and there wer a few of teachers there and other students from the green group. Some of the other teachers went but Tom was there the longest. After some of the students started leaving Tom has the rest of the students (me, Jourdan from high school, Sam, Liam and Sammi) follow him for a while and then he knocked is all out and shoved us at the back of a van and kidnapped us. WHEB we woke up TGE van opened and Tom shoved us into this great big house and said "this is your new home now!" It did look really cool and none outwardly had any problems. He told us where he wanted us to sleep but i wanted to sleep in the comfy double decker bed n I tried BJT it was way to small and I ALMOSY fell out a bunch so I decided to sleep where he told me to n it was perfect. The next day we all went to a fair/amusement park type thing and we stood in line for this ride. It was small tiny bumper cars and I was scared of falling out or being too big to go on the ride but Tom insisted. I went on and I got fit okay! It was fun but bumpu. There were 2 teams in the ride, team red and team blue. I got team blue. After the ride I had to wait with Tom for the others. There ere a few toddlers on the ride who were doing everything you shouldn't do on a ride. (They weee only half on the seat, while eating food, the seatbelt wasn't on and they were sharing a 1 person cart.) they were also passing the food for other people to eat, they were eating chips/crisps. The ride started and they both somehow managed to stay in the cart okay but then they were messing around (they also refused to hold handlebars) and 1 of them fell out and down onto their butt and they broke something and he was crying. His sister looked concerned and was screening. She decided to hold onto the handlebars then. We were there at the amusement park for about 4 hours Then I woke up.