Beach, Ghost, Blah

Date: 3/5/2017

By ace200

There was this house with a family and I was living with them, but I don't know who they were. Apparently I had a brother and three sisters. Well, the police came one night and arrested a guy who was outside because she shot someone in our backyard. We had a shed in the backyard. Using a paranormal audio recorder, our father found out there was a ghost in the shed, the ghost of the man who was shot. The shed was connected to the house and none of the kids would go in. They all started to climb this tree and sit on a branch, but the branch broke and they went down on a car and the porch roof. I was living in my Aunt's house then, but with my family, and Matt lived next door to us. I remember his parents had issues with ours and Matt hated it. I think we made treats for each other on Christmas. I was then a part of the Girl Meets World Group. I kept a journal about how I felt about bad things and found it and was reading it and got upset. Maya knew something was wrong, but I wouldn't express my emotions. I was at the beach and I remember my whole family was gone. Huge waves were crawling all the way up the sand and tossing me and my phone, which died. I saw that the sand was somehow forming mountains behind the waves. I tried to get to them but was knocked into a pier. I was upset about my phone. I was at the beach again then, but with only my sister. I dug a whole in the sand for her and made a pool full of cool shells. We decided to have a tanning competition and this lady next to us, how was super tan, went along with us. We left and went to the beach where my parents were. I remember my parents were both naked around the house and I got pissed. I then had a fake gun that shot blood and was playing a game with an internet friend where I had to hit the screen with the blood from far away. I ended up hitting picture frames and the carpet.