Towed Car

Date: 6/14/2021

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream I went to Balboa Park. It was nice as we were walking around and seeing what the park had to offer. I went back to the car and noticed it was gone. I had a feeling I had fucked up and didn’t read the signs. I was right, and a friend had told me that it was towed out as I parked in a handicapped sign. I panicked and called Scott. He came over to help me and I was so scared to ask him for money but even more scared to ask my Mother. He ended up agreeing to help me out and then I realized that it was a weekend and it was closed. I spent a portion of the dream trying to figure out what time it was and what day it was. I asked Scott to get us an Uber. As we were walking some elder driver almost hit him which made me very angry. We were walking by so much going on at balboa. I can’t recall if it was events or just so much commotion but I remember everything being ruined because of my car.