Plushy Elephant Porno and the Stolen Truck

Date: 6/22/2017

By contactsilence

My mom, now deceased, and my older sister C drove up in an old fashioned ford truck. This truck was for me. I drove it to our childhood home and someone stole it and I realized I must not have locked the door with the manual door locks. I was like, "who even steels cars anymore!?!?" I went back to mom's new place and she had left and I jumped on her computer and porn pop-ups pop up in the corner of the screen and I thought uh huh. Then the porn pop-ups sorta morphed into rl and right before me two chicks were going at it in big elephant costumes and the porno gimmick was for one to enter her whole body into the other elephants vj omg I sort of couldn't peel my eyes from that and at the same time was pretty disgusted the things people think of. And as far as pornos go, there really wasn't any nudity since it was all plush elephant costume. Whoa mom, what were you into RIP