Slept with my two best friends

Date: 5/20/2019

By cementspatula

We were on a school trip and we rented a trailer to sleep in. For some reason we were taking care of a little girl. She was in one bedroom at the other side and the three of us were in one bed in the big room. We had had a guest (one of the paraprofessionals at our school) over along with his kid and we spent a while trying to subtly get him to leave. Once he left we got in bed and started having sex, but it was mostly just grinding and stuff. The mood was ruined by us realizing the window was open and that the rest of our class was having a party outside. We closed the window and they went to bed. I got up and got my other friend who was in the trailer next door, and I made her come with me while I bought a vibrator from the convenience store. The dream then changed to gym class, but still on this trip. We had apparently been sorted into groups with teachers and I was with our attractive young gym coach. I don’t remember why but I argued with him and then we began zombie survival planning. That’s as much as I can explain; the rest of the dream was incoherent.