Nap dream - Alex and Dance Filthy

Date: 5/14/2019

By xenomorph

I was on my way to some version of themed the pole dance show Dance Filthy by plane. I remember that it may have been in a hotel connected to the airport that we arrived from. There's more about the flight itself that I don't remember. Upon getting there, I went the auditorium to save a seat for myself. The rows of seats were stacked like a rounded amphitheater. Then I went back to the terminal because Emanuel had arrived. He gave me some brightly colored pills of various shapes that I wasn't sure I wanted to take yet. I left him and made my way back to my purse to put them in there. I had previously left my purse in a front row seat, but someone had moved it 3 rows backs. It was open and some of the halves of my valium were spilled onto the floor. I to put the pills which at this point I'm sure where ecstacy in my purse, but I was bumped and dropped them instead of finding a safe place for them. Some of them missed my purse and them shattered to the floor. I bent down to pick up the pieces to put in my valium bottle and noticed some pieces that were crushed, so I took the small pieces. I distinctly remember thinking to myself "this won't much to me at all" before I put them in my mouth. Things get a little blurry after that as I experienced TRUE, drug induced euphoria in my sleep. Some how, Emanuel wandered back to the amphitheater and I sat up towards the top with him as the house was full, but them remembered that i had my purse saved to a seat down in the front. That seat position changed to one of front row towards the right side of the stage (which was insert slightly into the ground). I told him I needed to get my purses but he told me to go ahead and sit in the seat closer stage like he would tell me when I do something he doesn't really like, but wouldn't Express how he really felt towards. So, I moved my seat and the drugs really kicked into high gear. Spacial awareness was disrupted, colors became brighter, everything felt like a circus. I felt such a sense of relief from my cares and forgot about Emanuel. Somehow, I ended up seated next to Alexander skarsgård who was flirting with my thought out the show, but in a way that we two may have already known each other. At some point, I realized Emanuel had made his way to the row behind me and looked very uncomfortably jealous and upset. I was so high that I didn't care. I was enjoying the playful attention from not only Skarsgård, but from other men and women around me as well. Alex and I joked and laughed (among other things I can no longer clearly remember) through out a WILD show. The dancers were performing more deranged acts like throwing food in very little clothes, doing performances themed in the style of 80s movies, shows that involved bulky pitbulls and mastiffs. Not your typical routines. Before I was awoken, I looked at Emanuel again and he mentioned the flirting and how he knew that there was something going on. I knew it was just flirting and that there wasn't, but he insisted. He was very upset and seemed to have made a friend that looked like this kid I know on FB named Sascha Mirage. Sascha tried to calm him and tell him it was just in my nature to be flirtatious that nothing was going on behind his back, but Emanuel became irate and left the show. I remember sitting, considering leaving, but deciding not to right before I woke up to my daughter laying next to me.