Lots of dreams last night!

Date: 5/6/2017

By madnewman13😼

I had about 4 or 5 dreams last night. I don't remember the exact order but I'll just say them from whatever order. I was in this place where you would be dragged along by these moving floors. I would often fall because it would suddenly out of nowhere accelerate. Other people were going down it too. This one boy totally wiped out. I tried to hide my laughter. I appeared in this church thing, where mattresses (about 5 or 6 ) were laid out in it. It was rounded. I sat down on the one closest to the entrance, suddenly finding myself sitting next to my crush. We soon started to het all flirty and then we laid down. He pointed up at the ceiling, which had a bunch of random cartoon characters on it in stained glass. "How random!" I thought. Then he started kissing I and touching I in places. We didn't do too much tho cos there was a lot of people around us, and we were in a 'church'. My aunt owns chickens in rl. In my dream, she expanded her chickens in this whole new property. It was FULL of chickens. There was a huge chicken coop, and even a play scape for them. I asked her why she wanted so many chickens. She shrugged and replied, "Because the chickens are my friends!" I was walking with my dad by this Lonely lake. There was a woman beside a dock going fishing. All of a sudden, something was pulling at her cast. It was a HUGE fish! It was larger than three of her put from head to toe! I shook my dad, "look! Look what she caught!" My dad nearly fell out of his pants...😂 In Universal studios, there is this talking fountain named Casbod. He can talk. I also joined his awesome club with my crush and friends. In my dream, his 'brother' was in this city in California. I talked to him about things I forgot... My friend Isabela and my crush's sister and I wanted to play a bow and arrow game in this super fun ginormous fair. The stadium for this one single game was deeper than a football field stood up! And there was also a random popcorn stand that was on the wall in it where you had to climb stairs if you wanted some. We wanted to see what you won and how many points you could get. We looked at the sheet and it didn't have points. "What is the point of this game then?!" I said. Then my dream ended.