Dead horse

Date: 1/18/2017

By melissakitty

I was somewhere foreign, in te countryside with some friends. There seemed to be some event going on - lots of people having picnics. It was the golden hour and there were quite a few horses dotted around. I went to go stroke some horses and found one all tacked up ready to ride, it was a medium sized brown horse. Aware of how timid it was, I tried to make comforting sounds to calm it down, then I mounted it. It felt so good to ride so freely. As I was taking it through a field, I met some strangers who allegedly were my friends. They were eating this stuff that looked like wet concrete and told me it was bentozine or something similar sounding (whatever that is). They said it was really delicious, so I told them they could feed my horse some. The horse licked it, but wanted no more. Off I went again, but just a few Short paces down the line, my horse went limp and collapsed. I was concerned because it wasn't actually my horse and I did everything I could to resuscitate it. It was still alive, just very sick, so I put my arms around its neck and struggled back up the hill, carrying the horse, checking that it was still alive every now and again. Nobody would help me, I made it half way back before the horse died and then I must have woke up because I don't remember the rest.