Dark House

Date: 3/7/2017

By Astraligo

I had two dreams, I'll write the shorter one first. I was talking to my room mate while combing my fingers through my hair. I was talking to her about how I have really thick hair, as I was combing my fingers through it, more and more of it kept falling out and made a pile on my lap. I have half black and half blonde hair but for some reason all the hair falling out was blond. Here's the second one, it may be viewed as a night mare but it didn't really feel that way for me, I actually slept quite well for once! I can't remember some of it but basically I went to visit my fathers house with my sisters, except they weren't my sisters (irl they live with him) and it also wasn't my fathers house the layout was completely different. And he also wasn't my father. He was like this lonely man whose wife had died and throughout the visit the lights would randomly turn out and these shadowy creatures would attack us and I could barely move. When I had to sleep, my bed was put in the middle of the room in front of the door to a hallway. I can not sleep like that at all irl I need to have my bed against at least 2 walls (so it's in a corner) with no doors or mirrors facing it. At the end of the hallway was the washroom. There was an apogee in there. It was the shadow of a feminine figure with long hair and had red eyes. What a cliche. She watched me and I had a vast uneasiness wash over me. I don't quite remember what happened after that. We visited the house again and he promised it would be different. It wasn't all that different but nearing the end of that visit, his flesh seemed melt away and his blood was like a thick tar. He kind of had a skull but it was not anything human. It had the texture of old stone and it was a colour I can't describe. He said something but I don't remember what, and the apogee was furious with him. I don't remember what happened after that. Maybe I died. But my "sisters" and I went to visit him a third time. He was human again and he did renovations on his home and assured us it would be different this time. It was strange. There was a point where I was in a desert with someone and we could only walk on the tire tracks or we would sink into the sand. I think the apogee was back in the house so I put on these nice black fishnet thigh high socks and suddenly everything was okay 🙏