The Dog Toys.

Date: 2/23/2017

By ThatTherianKid

There was this game. Every day you got five plays. When you got enough points, there was an award. Well, after one time (where we created a bunch of music) my great aunt, great grandma, and great great aunt were getting ready to leave, but their dog left hundreds of toys behind, so we collected a bunch. Eventually, I found this really thin little poodle (a real poodle). Her fur was matted, there was a place where a too tight collar had rubbed away her fur, and she was so thin and scared. I held her, but them put her down to collect more toys. She ran right in front of the moving van, and I yelled "WAIT! PLEASE, WAIT!". I was so scared. When they stopped, I ran to her, picking her up. I was crying, so scared. eventually everyone left and I took her in... she was a sweetie.