Date: 8/4/2019

By jessiemosley

We were riding in my red van. It was Sara, piper, Leo, my mom, my dad who was driving, my sister and me at least, but bubba may have been there too. When we got to the road where the river was it was up into the road. Sara and me ran out of the van as my dad attempted to drive through the water. The road felt like it had a sewer line entrance door on it as Sara and me pressed ourselves against the big rocks to walk across. We look over and the van starts to get carried away by the water. Sara and me start to scream for someone to call 911 but the van goes down into the river, but for some reason it becomes long like a bus. I had hope that maybe the rescue people would come in time. But no one was around to call 911 so I hurried and called them even though my phone doesnt have minutes. They got the information on where it was at but at this point I was in a hospital setting. I may have started another dream at this point as they connected. The officers questioned me and seemed to indicate that I didnt do enough or call 911 quick enough and at that point i lost hope my kids Leo and piper survived. I was also worried about not being able to make it to my prison job. I know that I woke up at that point and went back to sleep only to have the dream continue. I was at my dead grandma old house, though I dont remember if it was the one in Jackson or clay city bottoms. For some reason her husband, who is also dead and got with my mom after my grandma died. He told us that there is something going on at the church that will help, and it was the church of christ. My mom was there suddenly, and was crying but said she would go and I would drive. I was crying badly yelling no over and over and punching the floor and wall.