Mermaid girl

Date: 8/10/2019

By sleepyhan

So this one happened a while ago but I was in some restaurant and I knew this woman and man, but I mainly knew the woman, I guess we were friends. But anyway she had a daughter that I was looking after and the daughter looked pretty normal, her skin was a little off, almost sheer if that makes any sense, but other than that normal. However this little girl was a mermaid and no one knew but me, and obviously her parents (one was also a mermaid). But she was only half mermaid, but still no one could know. So, this whole dream I was hanging out with her. Drawing with her, then just riding around, and at one point we were in the restaurant that her parents worked at but we were in the kitchen. After a while tho people started to question why I was hanging around her so much and taking care of her so much, I vividly remember some one even telling me that I should just let her go off on her own for awhile because it wasn't good for me . But, obviously I couldn't tell him why I couldn't because otherwise he would find out she is a mermaid and that's no good. So I just brushed it off and then went to go find her. Well I did but she somehow got into my car (which I don't even have a license in real life lol) and I quickly got in and was like what are you doing ( why I didn't just take her out of the car I don't know ) and apparently she heard the guy before and got extremely upset and thought something was wrong with her and at this point she started flooring it (I was also in the back seat for some reason) and I started trying to convince her to stop but she wouldn't listen and I told her to watch out for the water but she didn't she just drove straight in and then we hit the water and the car started filling then I woke up . Little side note, IDK how old this girl was but she was definitely a kid. Somewhere between like 6/7-10