Red written

Date: 7/13/2017

By JRGoriginal

This dream wasn't mine, but from a friend who had this dream about me. It all starts when she finds herself in front of a school fence. The gates of the school was closed but there were a lot of people outside trying to get inside. She was behind all the crowd and she wondered why were all those people doing. Suddenly she was able to see inside of the school and inside one of the classroom, she saw me writing on the ceiling with red ink (wish in my opinion I think is blood). Then the gate opens and the people outside started entering the school to chase and kill me. She runs ahead of the crowd and starts looking for me, but I was in hiding. When she finally finds me she helps me run to the mountain where I was able to run, but before I left (and of my memory doesn't fail me) I said these words "The truth will set you free." This dream happened about three years ago and I still wonder a lot of the things that happened in the dream.