In Which I Disappoint Everyone

Date: 8/7/2017

By biscuit

The first part I remember had me walking with dad, and we were going down a steep street at night to get to someone's house. The street got steeper and steeper, until it was just a few degrees from vertical. This didn't bother dad at all, but I was panicking and hanging onto the trees on the side of the road. He just got annoyed with me and told me to start walking like a normal person, but I felt like if I did I would fall. In the next dream I remember, I was with the whole family on my dad's side. We were in a restaurant, and it was after we all ordered. I heard someone say a name like "Wakowski," and I commented on how that was a funny name. Then the guy at the table next to us spoke up and said that was his name, and he was really offended. Then dad started berating me for wearing crew socks with the word "grapify" on the hem while also wearing a suit. I said it didn't matter because my slacks were too long anyway, but the whole family got mad at me and made fun of me for wearing those socks. Then we were in the car, and we were heading to Aunt Paula's office. I couldn't finish eating by the time we got there, and everyone got mad at me again for that.