The party

Date: 3/31/2019

By Ilexia

All my friends gathered at a cabin. I decided I wanted to do some gardening and pull weeds. Something happened and it got delayed. At the cabin, we cooked and talked about what to make for our next meal. At some point I was traveling through the universe, going through some beautiful cosmic events. It was very colorful and bright. I zoomed through lots of cosmic dust and things until I got back to earth. I was reading something about myself and the author said that I often put grand, wide scenery in my books, such as views of the distance. The next moment I looked up and looked over the scenery, which was a wide view of a snaking river, areas of grass, and trees with budding leaves. I remember noting all the colors on the trees. Back at the cabin, we were bored so I suggested some gardening. Lots of my friends joined, and I thought that was not enough for everyone to do. Later, we tried to find something for breakfast. I think I suggested breakfast burritos.