My cat driving a van with my other car in the back, the back sliding door open, hitting a pole and stopping, me catching the other cat and throwing him back in the van, then getting in the van to drive it back., digital art

My cat was driving a van

Date: 2/14/2017

By Kris

This was a very long and stressful dream but I only remember part of it. At some point in the dream, I am walking down a city street at night and see my cat driving a van. My other car is in the back of the van scared for his life. The back sliding door of the van is open. The cat that is driving the van hits a pole and stops. The other cat jumps out scared but I catch him and throw him back in the van and shut the door. I get in the van to drive it back to where ever it came from. At this point I woke up feeling stressed because the cat that was in the back of the van is emotionally delicate and I was worried about him.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted as a reflection of your anxieties and worries in life. The van may represent a sense of mobility and control, while the two cats represent your two sides. The cat driving the van could represent the part of you that is in control and that is actively making decisions, while the cat in the back of the van could represent the part of you that is more vulnerable and that is reacting to the decisions of the part of you that is in control. You could be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of having to make decisions and worried about the consequences of your choices. Alternatively, it could be that the van is a metaphor for a situation in your life where you feel like you are in control but you are also worried about the safety of something or someone close to you.