Almost Lucid

Date: 2/11/2017

By ace200

I was first outside texting Collin and it was really beautiful and nice out and saying thank you for something, but keep rewriting the text because it sounded wrong. I was then in New York, or somewhere, with my family and I remember listening to Next to Normal. My dad kind of disappeared and my grandma showed up instead. We were at a convention indoors, but I don't know what it was for. A speaker went around asking kids questions, but the parents kept taking over and answering for them, annoying the kids. I was laying on the floor and in mind of a rebellious mood so I yelled out, "You adults really like to talk, don't you?" And my mom told me to stop. The speaker mentioned River Phoenix and everyone was saying how terrible of a person he was for overdosing and I was furious. We went up in this super tall tower in a circular sphere that kept going up the tower. It was nighttime and I'm afraid of heights so I closed my eyes. The speaker said River Phoenix died right where I was sitting and I got sick to my stomach. We were walking home in the streets of New York. Instead of my sister, Zoe, my friend Maddy was beside me. A gang of boys started chasing us and I realized I was dreaming and started to take control by jumping on a building to get out of reach. It was really hard to take control and I fell off the building and ended up flying around trying to get away from the boys. I ended up at Kiera's house, but she lived in a fancy apartment, and it was freezing out so I was layering up with stuffed animal cats in my jacket to prepare to go home.