The Game

Date: 5/29/2017

By Marrisa

This dream started off with someone explaining a game to a bunch of us. The strangers said that we would all be locked up in a vault together. We would have pieces of paper with the alphabet on them and we would have to search this vault for objects with big bold letters. If you had found a letter on something then you had to make up a word that was associated with it that started with the letter. As we played this game some guy was trying to get me to show him my letters. I refused. At the moment I refused my paper disappeared and so did most of the people in the vault. I started freaking out about being a failure at the game. I hurriedly looked all over for my paper. I found replicas of the paper but they were blank. I finally gave up my search and quickly grabbed on of the other papers rushing to get the letters. The instructors started asking if I needed help seeing as I was the only one left. I kept telling them 'no' in hopes they would go away. They then surrounded me asking the same question over and over while getting louder each moment. Then everything went black and I woke up.