I’m Not Dead I’m Trying Out For the Cats Musical

Date: 8/12/2019

By samkost1

I’m inside as I watch my grandma pull up to the house in a new green car. My dad comes out from behind the house and starts talking to her as I run outside because I have just noticed that my car is missing. I run up to the both of them, my grandma is in between the car door and my dad is near the hood. “Where’s my car” I exclaim. My dad looks at me like I’m unwanted in their conversation. While watching me out of the corner of his eye he says the name of a road. I’m confused and interrupt their conversation a second time. He stops the conversation and yells at me, saying that I crashed my car in the night and that he knows about it and to stop being to ignorant. I tell them that it wasn’t me but they both ignore me and continue talking. I push my grandma out of the way while yelling at them that I would never do anything like that. I close the car door while I sit inside and figure out how to turn the car on as my sister pulls up. My grandma and dad are both screaming at me from outside, telling me I’m not allowed to leave. I start the car and make my way up the drive way, trying to figure out the seat because I am sitting to far up and can barely hit the peddles. I stop at the intersection as my childhood bus driver drives by, telling me that it is very early in the morning. I get the seat fixed and start to drive away. In my head I know I’m just going to take the car for a quick loop just so I have their attention when o come back. But as I continue driving I realize that I am not on my regular root but instead in the middle of the mountains near a camping resort. I pull to the side of the road and get out of the car and start walking down to a river while a police officer on a horse starts walking ahead of me. The police officer is nice and starts telling me about a death that had just happened that is making everyone pack up and leave. We stop at a rock cliff and look down at the fast river underneath of us, there are many trucks and trailers floating down this river, because this is how some people leave the camp site. Then my dad walks up next to me with some of his friends and laughs at how some of the vehicles in the river are hitting the rock wall when the river begins to bend near the bottom of the crevices. His friends ask him if he is doing all right with the death of his daughter and he says that he is taking it ok. I try and ask who died but they can’t hear me. It is me who they think died. I walk away from the river, leaving their laughter and walk through the woods. As I walk for a while I come upon a huge building which I enter to find people dressed in cat costumes singing and dancing, rehearsing for the musical of cats. The stage is a huge ship and the director stops the acting once I walk in. The director is the well known actress Nicole Kidman and she tells me to get onto the massive boat and to fix the planks of the floor. As I do so the cast of the musical watch and ask if I would like to be part of the new movie they are rehearsing for. Then I woke up. That was definitely one of my weirdest dreams I’ve had in a long time! Some aspects of the dream didn’t even make it into this entry. If you made it this far well done.