Curse of the Mummy

Date: 6/19/2017

By drunchee

So in this dream, I'm outside. It's dark and spooky and I'm in a street lined with brick buildings. I stumble upon this girl and her dad or Mom, I forget which, and she starts talking about the rivers of Hades (Lethe, Styx, etc) so I put two and two together and realize that the Mummy must be returning. Now in my dream I encounter the mummy only once, and it's vague, but it's a large, skinny, grey zombie man with decaying flesh wrapped in white guaze. Very scary. I end up giving the little girl and her father therapy lessons in my house, who's lights seem to be always off. I give the lessons on this suspended table and chairs. Anyhow one day the dad says he doesn't need therapy from me anymore, and is getting a professional to talk to about the mummy. Meaning; I'd never see the little girl again, whom I've grown to love as a daughter like figure. She hands me a drawing she made and we have a very tearful goodbye. The curse of the Mummy is real. TLDR; walking around in a city at night, hearing a girl and her dad talk about Hades' rivers, seeing the cursed Mummy, giving therapy to girl and dad due to mummy, being sad once girl leaves for the last time.