I Go To Jail

Date: 1/21/2017

By LucidGriffin

So it was from the perspective of this random guy who kinda looked like Paul Blart without the facial hair. I lived in some pretty crumby apartments, although the inside of mine was pretty big. I just remember the door being busted so you could easily pop it open and bust in. I don't know what lead to it, but this blonde women ended up coming over to my apartment and we started taking off clothes when a bunch of people started to barge in to my apartment. I put my shirt back on and asked what the heck they were doing. Two came forward and one said, we are here to find out who's guilty. So they made me and the woman along with a bunch of other people sit down on two long couches and started debating who would go for jail (the crime was never mentioned.) For some reason I knew the woman I had almost had sex with was guilty, but she wouldn't fess up, so someone who looked like Maggie from the walking dead decided to plead guilty to spare the rest of us. It's weird because I can remember pretty vividly how she was dressed Blue pants, green button up shirt, and a light tan beanie. The police took her away. And everyone else just disappeared. and all of a sudden I was downstairs outside the apartment. I rushed up knowing blonde woman was trying to break into apartments and confronted her. I yelled at her for letting an innocent just take her place. She ran off. I made a snap decision and found the bus full of prisoners where Maggie was being held. The jack assea hadn't even put her in a women only bus and she was surrounded by men tainting her and insulting her. I yelled at the police men and grabbed Maggie telling her I was taking her place instead. I told her to life right and I would see her in three years. She left and they handcuffed me. Then we made a pit stop at one of the officers houses and that's all I remember.