several confrontations

Date: 3/7/2017

By wanda1316

In my dream I basically confronted all the people who don't like me or have done me wrong while I've been in college. First I was playing a game against two people who don't like me and who were awful to my best friend. I lost to them because they changed the rules and cheated, but afterwards I hugged them and made them uncomfortable. I saw a boy who I dated for my first year and college and who since then has shunned me and is dating another girl now. I stopped and talked to him. His family (in my dream) had just started a family business and they were doing well. I noticed later that his girlfriend was sitting next to him looking unhappy. Next I was trying to find a place to sit because everyone was going to w arch a movie, and I saw a girl who used to be my friend but randomly dumped me sitting in the middle with an empty seat next to her. I went and sat beside her. She was not happy that I sat beside her, but since I was there she couldn't avoid talking to me like she had before. I asked how she'd been doing. I didn't say anything to make her uncomfortable, I just tried to be friendly. The movie played, and my best friend still wasn't here yet. My family was in the theatre sitting close by. Later I walked outside in the dark to tell my friend everything that had happened.